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My suggestion is for Autodesk to move past the concept of having "Point Numer" and "Point Name" with Cogo/Survey Points, how about "Point ID" Only. I believe this will be a big improvement when dealing with data from numberus sources as some companies only use point numbers and others point names.



Part of the problem has been that when importing point files that contain point names such as "EP1, EP2....." is that Civil 3D will also assign a point number to the same point. Sometimes the point number may fall within the next available point when brought in a Cogo Point and other times when brought into the Survey Database it will assign large point numbers such as 67334567.


Currently, we have some Point Lable Styles that had to be duplicated, some use the "Point Number" the duplicate lable is for those points that use "Point Name"

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Disagree, lots of times, Point Name and Point number means differently; also, upto the Client request, you will need to show Point ID as whatever they need. Point name does give us differnet options. Point number is identical, you will never have same PT number in the same file.

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