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Plan Profile - Design View Mode to show Plan and Profile together

Plan Profile - Design View Mode to show Plan and Profile together

I recently completed a large subdivision with close to 100 Alignments, and associated Profile Views.


When designing, panning and zooming around between so many Alignments and Profile Views is cumbersome and time consuming. I typically use two viewports - a plan VP and a Profile VP for this - but its still not an efficient way to design.


I'd like to see a 'design view mode' that would enable two viewports. A plan view and a profile view. The views would be linked so that when you pan around the Alignment, the appropriate profile view is displayed in the other viewport... and vice versa.



plan and Profile views.JPG


Most of the Civil softwares have the "current object". This feature is present in PowerInroads, Istram Ispol, Clip Toolsa, ...................


So, if you have a current alignment, then in a few steps you can show its profile in another viewport.


Civil 3D is based on OOP (Oriented Object Programming), so we can create several instances for the same class. I mean, we can have several profile views from the same alignment.


In general, I do my commands to zoom to the first item of the ProfileView collection always from the selected alignment.


However, it would be interesting that we could mark some object  in the ToolSpace as the "current" object. For example, if you mark an alignment as the "current alignment", every time that you call a command that needs an alignment, that alignment would be selected by default.






Agreed, this would be so very helpful.  I downloaded an after market application that was supposed to do this but after installing it we had to uninstall it and completely re-install civil 3d. Bummer.

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