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Pipe Spot Elevation

Pipe Spot Elevation

Can we get a label type that allows for spot elevations at any point on a pipe? Currently it look like we only have end elevations and pipe grade. This would make drafting my pipe crossing data much easier (eg Bottom of Storm Drain = XX.XX / Top of Sewer = XX.XX). That being the case, there would need to be an option for bottom of pipe, soffet, springline, etc. elevations.




It would be useful to do a spot elevation for both the invert and overt for the spot location to. Possible even to get pipe size information for the specific point. 

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It would also be great if it had a "pipe elevation editor" tool just like the feature line editor tool, you could edit the inverts or set the pipe grade from one invert all graphically without going into the pipe properties.

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@Anonymous - the wishlist for pipe networks could be  a very long one. I agree that designing with pipe networks is pretty clunky compared to designing by profile or feature line. Indeed, sometimes I just design by one of those two tools and create a pipe network from a feature line when I have my design dialed in and then move on to the next utility.


Hmm, since a lot of my profiles need to have invert/flowline information along the bottom of the profiles I usually just trace with a profile.  After that I have a label style that adds the vertical information to the alignment and can be turned off.  If it's a small job I usually just use the VPORTs command and have the plan in one and the profile in the other.

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