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We are facing serious issues with pipe network data short cuts. It wont work as in the case of roads. Already created Layout and profile can be updated in few minutes through data short cut manager when a revision comes for roads. But pipe network cannot. 

I know road alignment is a single object and hence it is much easier to deal with it. 

So, consider few ideas for pipe network feasible to work it same way as of roads for data short cuts to work as what the real use of it.

Few suggestions, might seems strange, please bear with me..!!!

1. Under toolspace, now Pipe Networks - Networks- Name of Network - Pipes - Structures.

    So, there is no option to break it down the network by lines, that is how it works in engineering, under Name of Networks. Then after I select each name lines it has to break it down with pipes and structures. 

So, it will look like this - Pipe Networks - Networks - Name of Network(Say Sanitary) - Line Name (Say Line-1 )- Pipes - Structures. 

This will give us more control on each elements while updating through data short cuts manager. I can choose if only a few lines design changed in revision and can update only that through data short cut.

But still the issues with profile disappearing cant be solved, guess so.!!!

To do that we need to create pipe network profile from a direct tool, a dedicated one, say 'Profile from pipe network' hence cutting the relation from alignment. 

This is several times I am requesting on the subject. Please Autodesk contact me for any further explanation if its not clear what I requested. 




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