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Pipe Network - Style Sets

Pipe Network - Style Sets

Civil3D allows you to configure your templates with default settings, object styles, label styles and layers for Pipe Network creation. Great option, but it is always a "pick your favorite child" moment b/c you can only define one utility as the default.  Then you are forever setting styles, layers, labeling defaults when you need to create a different utility type network.


I would like to see the ability to create Pipe Network "Style Sets". Where the user can create a style set that defines all the object (structures and pipes), label and layer defaults for a utility's status and type (ie: Existing, Proposed, Future, As-built, Phase 1, etc .. and ... Storm, Sanitary, Water, Forcemain, etc).


It could be an extra button on the Create Network dialog:

Create Pipe Network.png


Selection of this button would then allow you to set the utility type and then present you with a list of "Style Sets" for that utility type.


The "Network Style Sets" should include the ability to set all settings included on the following dialogs:

Pipe Network Feature Settings

Feature Settings - Pipe Network.JPG

Drawing Settings - Object Layers

Dwg Settings - Object Layers.png

Pipe Network Layers

Pipe Network Layers.png


The ability to select a Network "Style Set" would eliminate so many clicks and picks. I would estimate about 5-10 minutes saved if you tried to reset all the object/label styles, layer defaults, dwg settings from an Existing Storm set-up to a Proposed Sanitary setup. Not to mention the carpal tunnel!





Bumping this.  Fantastic Idea.  Creating separate parts list allows you to automate this, but fills the template with unnecessary bulk.  This would allow for one master parts list in your template and a workflow to apply your style set during the network creation. 

Status changed to: Under Review

This is a great idea that relates to some research we're doing on drainage design efficiency. We'll add this to the list.

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