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Pipe Network Pipe Insertion Vertex

Pipe Network Pipe Insertion Vertex

It would be nice to beable to change the insertion vertexs (at the end of each pipe) to invert of the pipe opposed to the center of the pipe. My little secrete lately is to draw a feature line and do a straight grade with it; then in 3D View; snap the pipe vertex to the feature line vertex. I just have to keep rememebering to adjust the feature line because it uses the center of the pipe for an insertition.


I am manually changing hundreds of pipes right now that the PM does not want displayed as center point connections.


The other popular workaround of dragging the pipe to the edge of the stc using the nearest snap forces you to re-adjust all the inverts.


Different pipe connection points on a stc would be very nice. This would also address the multiple pipe connections to one wal of a stc as well.

Yeah i dont know how useful that is really? Can you make a screencast? It seems to me that that the pipe rules would take care of this?


If your converting existing pipes from a 3d polyline you can specify the "reference elevation".


pipenetwork from 3d polyline.png


Maybe convert your "featureline" to a 3dpoly. "Create a network using existing objects"


Then just merge the networks together. @jmayo-EE probably be a better way to do 100 of pipes is to import form a GIS source.


pipe networks merge.png


wow, cant believe there isn't a setting toggle for this.

Advocate, this would be huge, actually. Imagine a culvert passing under a road. I want to connect the ditches on either side of the road with a culvert and I know the bottom of ditch elevations. The culvert invert should match the bottom of ditch elevations; however, if using the LAYOUTPIPEONLY command, only the pipe centerline can be specified on creation. The only workaround is to edit the pipe properties after creation or to go through the 2-step process you outlined: CreatePipeNetworkFromObject and then MergePipeNetworks

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