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pipe network panorama

pipe network panorama

Please PLEASE 

for all of us designers 

kill the extra data columns in Panorama or set up a user defined version.

i do not need Northing, Easting - that is a point item

i do not need the pipe wall thickness - REALLY?

i do not need three elevations at every point on the pipe . . .. 

i do not need bearings or radiis or so much other stray data i can not see the elevations and slopes i want to work with.


thank you

could you really keep the kitchen sink in the kitchen?




In addition if Autodesk could tell us where the settings are pulled from when a user hides a column so it could be set and toggled if Autodesk doesn't want to grant this wish. 

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A user defined version would be a good idea or even a toggle as the northing, easting, elevations and thickness would be useful to other parties such as surveyors and contractors. Then designers could see a specific set of information and survey and contractors could see information that is specific to them.


I guess the settings or toggles would need to be set up in a template and implemented at the very start of projects.

A simple text file could be used such as csv or xml. If Autodesk wanted to use the cloud they could use a JSON object and save the data on the cloud and grab it for retrieval when needed. I'd prefer the old fashion text file over the cloud solution. 

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thank you all for the kudos

they are misplaced.


knowledge is good and dangerous

as the more we learn  . . .

we begin to realize just how little we really know.


Please share what you know for others to grow and make this world a better place



Please copy features from Bently CivilStorm V8i Flex Table

You can turn on/off columns and they stay that way

Copy columns of data to and from Excel spreadsheet.

Enable spreadsheet function keys such as "tab" "enter" and arrow keys to move from cell to cell and input data. As for the 2016 version, I have to click on every single cell twice and input data, then double click on next and input...



Keep up the good work Civil3D



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