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Pipe Network Panorama editing improvement

Pipe Network Panorama editing improvement

Hey Civil 3D,

I think the Pipe Network Vistas Panorama table has the potential to be more powerful if it includes these functions:

1. Enable the "Tab", "Enter", and arrow keys to navigate from cell to cell and enter data like in excel spreadsheet. So far with the 2016 version, I have to double click on every cell and input data like inverts, slope, etc.

2. Allow copy and paste entire column to and from Excel Sheet. Wouldn't it great if I do the math in Excel and copy my entire columns of inverts, slope etc. from the spreadsheet, say, in the invert elevation column of the panorama table? Instead of entering one by one as described above.


Keep up the great work! Thanks.



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I have been requesting improvements in the Panorama Tables ever since Civil 3D was born.  In my opinion the Panorama Tables is the one item which needs the most improvement for Civil 3D, especially when entering Survey Data.  The Panorama needs to operate just as Excel Spreadsheet where as you can configure the [Enter] button to move Down or Right depending on your situation.  For example when entering Survey Traverse, Civil 3d is 5 times slower than Land Desktop as you can quickly enter Point Numbers, enter, Right Angle, enter,  Distance, enter and Description enter. Then it automatically goes to the next line and repeats.


In Civil 3d every data field must be manually selected by the mouse and extremely time consuming...




Totally agree. What a pain!


Thanks for your response, guys.

I wonder why the update wasn't made for this long? Is it because Civil 3D is the only one out there with no competitors so they don't feel the need to make it better?

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