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Pipe Network Flow Default needs to be changed to "End to Start"

Pipe Network Flow Default needs to be changed to "End to Start"

Does anyone have a Municipality they submit plans to that requires profiles and structure numbering go in a certain direction?


If you answered yes to the above question is that direction from the lowest (outlet) up?


IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO BOTH need to vote this up.


Autodesk thinks it is normal to draw, number, and profile pipe structures from the high point down.  Yes it might be nice to have as an option, but I believe it is far from normal.  They even forgot to test 2018 with the flow set to "End to Start". If you set the toggle before you start to draw your pipes your rules might not work properly, and worse that that if you have an existing network set to flow from End to Start and you use reference templates the rules might run changing the inverts you set on your existing pipe network.  TIME TO VOTE...


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You may not get many votes to set "End to Start" as the default, but it definitely should be a (WORKING) option. 

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