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Pipe network elements based on alignments

Pipe network elements based on alignments

Most people I know make alignments for pipe design, then pipe network objects if someone demands a 3d model.

A few actually make the pipe network for profile labeling.

In either case, real Civil engineers design pipes like road centerlines, and walls and every other linear thing I can think of.

So my idea is to make the pipe objects in C3D hook to an alignment for plan and profile shape.

Have it turn rules completely off, we don't need them when we have designed a profile already.

What we do need is the ability to edit a profile and have reaches between real grade breaks straight grade between each other.


This thinking extends to many other things. Everything linear in Civil engineering is a (road type) alignment first, then decorated with a section or diameter, or structures or offsets. Its never part based, so don't make the "parts" control how you store the shape of the idtem being designed.


As long as we continue to have the ability to create pipe networks that are not associated with an alignment, that would be a great idea. We do small site development and do not want to create alignments or profiles for our pipe networks since they are not necessary for what we do. It would just be an added step for us.



I agree. What you are pointing out is the idea that pipes should be part of a "pipe run" object, that has its own horizontal and vert alignment.

A pipe run would have a plan view editing interface for the profile, somewhat like a feature line, but would just show PVI's as grips or other ways.

If the interface is done right, there is no inconvenience introduced, even for short laterals.

We wrote this tool already, and have added to it and redone things here and there. It really does work so I hope adesk picks up on the idea.

We have drawings with hundreds of pipe runs, and also "wall" runs, v-ditch runs, street runs, and so on, as they all use some kind of real alignment data.













seems a few folks like the idea. Here is a screenshot of pipes we have done using our implementation of pipe runs. We export solids from acad as fbx for IW:


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