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Pipe Network Data Reference Sync Styles

Pipe Network Data Reference Sync Styles

This is just a thought. I have some pipe network data references in drawings where I change the style types of the pipes. When I go to manually sync all references (including pipe networks). The pipe network parts go back to there original style that are in the source drawing. Is there a fix for that?


This functionality has gone back and forth multiple times throughout various versions of Civil 3D and service packs. I thought that in 2015 we were back to the generally preferred (by consensus) method of all pipe and structure style overrides being retained when synchronizing pipe networks. If this is not the case this needs to be fixed... again.


In my opinion, the best thing to do with this tool is to have an option like VISRETAIN for Civil 3D styles. This has been requested before. This would allow the user to determine if the styles for objects should be synchronized with the parent file or retain the current style while updating the object data.

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The best way I have found to avoid the sync problem, once you've re-styled it all the way you want it, is to simply not sync. If you close the drawing and reopen it. Any changes will be reflected but all your style changes will stay the same.






This is exactly what I was just searching for.... a visretain for pipe/structure styles.  The post was 2 years ago, so I was wondering if you have found anything since, or if there is an option available now.  I used to have the problem wkilpatrick had but I now I want to override my dref's pipe styles with is set in the source file.






"Do not synchronize" is not the solution.

I have 200 civil3d networks and every network in a different file. All CAD operators are relying on this networks.

So the question is how to create the styles inside the shortcuts not even synchronize it.

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