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pipe network attenuation storage

pipe network attenuation storage

We need an option to have attenuation storage as part of our pipe networks.


This needs to be done to direct us more towards the way the industry is currently working.


The manufacturers in the UK are very keen to introduce their products into the Civil 3d software.


Note This is already possible but you need a good understanding of the current product and its hacks. Advanced user..



Two problems here.


1. Underground tanks come in many different sizes. The Square / rectangular ones we detail can have many different size arrangements meaning that these xml files need constant editing to add sizes, they also don't always have to be square.


We really need to be able to use any numerical value to control the parts sizes rather than being fixed by a XML file.


I have modelled BG tanks in Civil3d (OTB for about five years now) as well as petrol interceptors and many other crazy items but the OTB tools are hard to use with few tutorials about and full of bugs when your pushing the boundaries.


2. The other issue is that to do this you need a connection to the surface which the tanks do not have and this produces crazy depth results.

Often the pipe connections are not centred in the structure (work arounds cause some agrevation on pipe placement or disconnection).


Some upcoming software which will rename nameless (at this point) does make life a lot easier for end users and would likely promote more parts from manufacturers (in other formats than Revit) however it is costly for small companies to adopt and especially with the price of the product line now going up again most wont be able to harness it power.


So those are stuck with the current part builder, its difficult workflows and its bugs which will not be fixed due to the presence of the other software.







I agree that whilst the workarounds are possible, they aren't the best methods.


At the moment we have various typical sized square / rectangular pipes / culverts that are variants of the stormbrixx and stormbloc unit stock sizes available. But the fact that we can't pick a pipe and change its width and depth without using part builder means that it isn't a practical solution.


I have configured our templates to have various options of these but it is an awkward solution having to have essentially oversized pipes that have no effect in the windes software we use to model drainage and as you mentioned, they have no connection with the surface and minimum depth from it.


I have spoken to manufacturers who are more than willing to put their products into the software if it was possible, if Autodesk would enable this then it could be a great addition to civil 3d.




Sorry some misunderstanding. I am currently using Structures for these attenuation tanks not pipes.


Pipes were not compatible with structure tables and would not show depths relative to the surface which in its self causes a few headaches due to workarounds.



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