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Pipe length

Pipe length

so  . . . .

how is pipe in a gravity line measured?

in civil engineering it is the upstream station minus the down stream station.

and the length is the same in the plan view and the profiles. . .

please explain why in pipe networks the plan view length is very differnt from the profile?

who checked this????

your program is causing MAJOR headaches for designers and engineers.

in LDD length was not a problem - in civil 3d it is always a #$%@& STYLE problem

and a designer needs a thousand styles for on civil plan set. WHY??? WTF!

please keep it simple and the world will be a much nicer place.


Charles Hall

civil designer / EIT


and i started when DOS 3.3 was the king of programs and computers came in cow boxes. (gateway computers)

life was so much simpler then and

Autodesk what are you really thinking?



@nonbeard13, is this really an idea? Sounds more like frustration and complaining to me. Have you looked at other posts in the forum regarding the lengths? Some people require them to be the 3d distance between inside walls, others want the 2d distance between inside walls, others, such as you & I, just need the 'old fashioned' center to center 2d distance. So a one size fits all approach just doesn't work. If you are getting different lengths in profile and plan, then it IS a style issue. I have 4 label styles for pipes, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drain, plan & profile, the only difference between them is in how, or whether, the slope is displayed. Not anywhere close to a 1000 styles...


Remember, this area of the Community is for Ideas. If you aren't adding an idea that others can get behind, or that the developers can act on, then please keep it in the forums. Thanks!


@nonbeard13 I've never seen a plan length different from a profile length. I guess it's possible to do it if you set your label styles up that way. But I don't see any idea here that can be voted on.

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