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Pipe Crossings in Profile view (but don't cross an alignment)

Pipe Crossings in Profile view (but don't cross an alignment)

After searching the web, I know I am not the only one suffering from this problem...


When trying to show a pipe crossing in a profile view, the "crossing" pipe has to cross the alignment that the main pipe was created off of.  This is an issue when (see the attached picture) your water line is offset from the centerline of the road and the sewer pipe that crosses the water line, doens't cross the alignment.  I realize this is a fairly limited issue as it doesn't occur all the time, but it is frustrating when trying to show intelligent crossings.


The hopeful solution would be to have a crossing and not have it be dependent on the parent alignment.  I get it, I could just do another alignment from the pipe/pressure pipe network and have that be my profile, but i also need to be able to reference and show the centerline for elevation needs, plus it looks terrible when looking through the curb/edge of roadway.


If anyone else knows a workaround, please feel free to let me know.  This was not fixed in 2016 as I was told it was, rather now we do have the ability to label the pipe crossing in the profile view, if you can get it to show up!


Brett Megaard, P.E.

Project Manager/Engineer, Montana

Civil 3d 2016

Win 7 (64bit)


I agree an improvement is needed.


It's not clear to me from your picture, but sometimes you can work around this by putting a structure at the location you need to show up in profile view. Make a style for the structure that doesn't show up in plan view and only shows the pipe connections in profile view.


Thanks for that!  For my water profile, that worked.  It actually was able to see the pipe connection once i created a new label style.


However, back in my sewer profile now, i have a break in my main where a non-visible manhole should be.  Thoughts on the sewer now?


But again, we shouldn't have to have these workarounds, just for stuff to show up the way it originally should!


Thanks again for your help!


im confused. are your trying to show a pipe that's parallel to the baseline profile but you want the pipe to show as an ellipse instead of two lines indicating the top and bottom of pipe? 



Not quite... so in the above image that I attached, I am creating my water line profile (the one that runs left-right) and in that I want to show where my sewer crossing is (intelligently) so the contractor is aware as to where it is and to maintain his clearances.  The dilemma I find is that i can't show the circled crossing because that sewer pipe doesn't cross my alignment that runs parallel to my water line (because the manhole is there).  


So long story short, no, I want to show the pipe that is perpendicular to the alignment/water line but in order to do that it has to cross the alignment.  I know how to make them show as a true crossing ellipse, but only when they cross the alignment.


Clear as mud?


Any ideas you may have I am open to hearing them.





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