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Pipe Catalog, pipe connction

Pipe Catalog, pipe connction

If a section (road inlet or house connection) is connected to a collecting line in Civil 3D, this connection is always realized via a manhole (preferably as a "zero manhole").

At the same time, the collection line is divided into individual sections at this point. If several street inlets or house connections are connected to a collecting line, what used to be a collecting line (section) becomes several sections or sections.

In the case of a municipality submitting a planning order to an office for the development of a residential development or commercial space, with the option of using an existing manifold, this manifold is divided into possibly many individual sections during planning in Civil 3D and the municipality receives information in the data to manholes (zero manholes), which in reality do not exist because the connection is made via a hole with a sleeve on the collecting line. The transferred data (BIM) then does not correspond to reality, does not correspond to the actual construction process!

Compared to reality, the implementation in Civil3D can even be described as faulty. In this case, the supplied data (BIM) and reality do not match. In truth, it remains a collecting line and this has bores with sockets.

For such a new connection to a collecting line (hole and sleeve), there should be a new element, expanding the previous "zero manhole" with this "connection option", I don't think it's good. The previous Nullschacht has its tasks and should keep them. I propose a new element in the postures section, a "connector element". This "connector" can connect two pipes together without manhole (level equal, equal midline or equal vertex) has coordinates (connection position) and has representation properties of a coupler. This also makes it clear to the user that it is not a manhole, it is purely a pipe connection.

Such a "connection option" corresponds more closely to reality and thus provides realistic data (BIM).

MFG Gert Domsch

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