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Pipe Casing for Pipe Networks

Pipe Casing for Pipe Networks

I think it would be great to add the ability to encase pipe along certain lengths. For example, I have a pipe associated with an alignment that travels under a roadway or a stream. So the pipe follows from station 0+00 to 5+75, and has steel casing around it from 3+25 to 3+75. It would be great to be able to specify casing along that pipe between those stations and have it change dynamically in plan & profile the same way pipes and pipe structures do. If there is already a way to do this, I haven't found it.

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It would be nice to be able to swap parts- maybe build a pipe part that includes a secondary pipe who's diameter is a calculation based off the diameter of the inner pipe?


You could probably add the encasement into your pipe part library, however we handle this via display styles.  You would break the pipe with a non-plotting null structure at the begin and end of the encasement and assign the appropriate display style to the encased pipe.  For plan and profile we utilize the outer pipe wall and the ability to hatch either just the outer walls or the whole pipe with the hatch extending to the outer walls.  We also force a larger outer wall diameter for the views of the style.


This leaves the actual pipe data intact, and allows callouts to read the dynamic data from the pipe (inner diameter, etc.), but displays a pipe with a larger outer diameter and utilizes pipe hatch (we use ANSI 31).  You can set the outer to be exact, or exaggerated so it's obvious in the views (what we do).


With all that said, we have an Encasement Pipe style for each pipe size that we usually use.  Each of these styles force a specific outer wall diameter according to the inner diameter size that represents the encasement.  Again, this does not change the actual pipe, just the display of it.  And now you have a null structure at the pipe ends to add your label too, which will dynamically update if you decide to adjust the begin/end of the encasement/incoming, outgoing inverts, etc.


We usually add an additional pipe along that station range that is a different style (including hatch in both plan and profile).  I think it works better to add as a different network, calling it "Pipe Casings", and having null structures.  It would be nice though if there was a different category or style of pipe that had the ability to include the casing with the pipe, then have it show up in profile as hatched.  It would need to be a separate pipe for that length I'm guessing.

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