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Pipe band info in intervals

Pipe band info in intervals

It would be great if we can show pipe info in set intervals, like we do with surface profiles. 

At the moment, we can only show the pipe inverts at the start or end. Having the info shown with the chainage of the road is sometimes a requirement,  and the workaround is tracing the pipe invert or invert with an additional non potable mock profile that would give us that info.

In fact, wouldn't it be great if we could 'assign' a profile to the pipes so they could follow how the surface profile behaves (like staggering as well)

@TimYarris  thanks


@gros33 Can you clarify what pipe info you would like annotated?


Matt Anderson

Innovyze, an Autodesk Company


Hi @MattAndersonPE,

Thanks for giving this some attention.

The info would be whatever we currently can show for pipes, like the invert, depth to invert, design and existing surface levels etc. But just at a specific point and not just at the ends of a pipe.

The request is about showing pipe info at chainage intervals in addition to the pipe ends.


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