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Pipe and structure labels

Pipe and structure labels

Please fix the anchor piont on the pipe lables so the the user can determine the anchor location. For example pipe invert elevation label currently points to center of the horiz. Pipe. It should point to the pipe entrance point on the structure. This sould apply to all aspects of pipe networks in plan profiles and cross sections


Same suggestion for pipe crossings.  If a pipe is under another pipe I want to label the TOP of Pipe.  In a drag state the leader always points to the invert.


Please ignore the Pipe Crossing comment.  It's in the anchor point setting in the label style.  The trick is Civil 3d doesn't automatically switch anchor points when you switch from one style to another.  You have to delete and reinsert the style that has the anchor point you want.  Weird.


These anchor point options need to be in the other style types.

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