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Performance to erase objects or data

Performance to erase objects or data

Civil 3D takes a lot time to erase some things. 

For example, if I disable all Regions in my corridor, it needs practically the same time that calculate it. Really?

The same if you want to erase a list of calculated materials in a SLG.



Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @joantopo . Would you please be a bit more specific about what is taking so long to erase? If you would be able to describe a workflow (and ideally, provide a sample drawing) it would be very helpful.


If you disable ALL corridor Regions (in the "Parameters" tab of the Corridor properties) and press [Accept] then you get a dialog box with 2 options:

- Update corridor.

- maintain as obsolete.


If you select "Update corridor", then takes 10-30 seconds to finish.

This should take as much 5 seconds. Civil 3D should check if ALL corridor regions are disabled before "Regen corridor" and take a fast lane in that scenario.

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