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Partial Load - Civil3D

Partial Load - Civil3D

I would like Civil3D to enable "Partial Load". Works great with Vanilla AutoCAD... Would be a huge performance / time saver if you could do that with this.


@RCBmstg007 What is Partial load and what does it do? How would it save time?


I might need to clarify this alittle more.


AutoCAD can perform a Partial load / open.


I can see this work a number of ways. But I can see if the User checks the box for "Partial Load / Open" the Drawing would open in a (Proxy Based Form). This would speed up opening drawings quickly.


Basically I send someone without Civil3D a dynamic drawing. The user would need to download a proxy. That way they can see the entities. Same kinda of thought with this...



What do you think of with this idea?





... A thousand times over, this.




Just today, I needed to go back and open an earlier 'void' copy of a drawing, so that I can provide a contractor for comparison, on behalf of our new client that's buying the project from the current client.


Anyway, the plan set this earlier drawing came from was last updated in December 2015, but each-and-every-single time I open the drawing in Civil 3D, all of the data shortcuts are updated, inherently changing label values, etc to be consistent with the current Data References because the Working Folder still exists and has updated objects.


... But I need to provide the contractor the OLD drawing, without updates.


I ended up having to open the drawing in vanilla AutoCAD just to verify that this was in fact the correct drawing (several versions between it, and current version).


To boot, AutoCAD has no means by which to AEC* Export to AutoCAD, so my only work around is to either create a new Working Folder to associate the drawing to BEFORE open, or give them the C3D drawing which their software may not properly handle Proxy objects.




Were we able to utilize Partial Load at OPEN, I could have done everything I needed, without updating the Data Shortcuts, etc, and subsequently exported from the same session, in a single application, and without any of this 'kick in the pants' malarkey.




Please make Partial Load available.


BlackBox does the idea make sense on how it is to work or do you think there might be a better idea how this thing should work? I know we do a lot of texting up Site Plans and Erosion Control Plans. There is 3D Data in there; but I do not need it to be activated each time I am in the drawing.


Hi @RCBmstg007 - 


Yes, but that's a loaded question, that myriad folks are sure to have strong opinions on. Haha




Basically, my _ultimately_ wish (and I know that this goes beyond the topic wish), is for a mashup of the best parts of Civil 3D and Land Desktop.


Where Civil is used for quick layout of Alignments, Profiles, Feature Lines, etc. and said data is stored EXTERNALLY, so that it is only 'opened' for queries, edits, etc.... All the while, the labels of said data that reside within our drawings, are the functional equivalent of Blocks (with Fields?) to exponentially expedite drawing performance at Open, Save, Plot, etc.


Civil 3D's made substantial gains in some aspects of design, unfortunate that they took into the dark ages in project database performance.



Partial Load at OPEN would substantially improve performance of working with Civil 3D drawings; user knows when they need to update links, labels, etc.  



User doesn't need to sync 30-80 DREFs at drawing open who's source hasn't changed in weeks. #JustSaying





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