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Parent Child styles for surface objects (and others)

Parent Child styles for surface objects (and others)

Currently we do not have child styles for certain C3D objects such as surfaces. Thus it is a lot of tedious work to create and manage numerous styles that share common settings. For example we may need surface styles for existing and proposed contours at various intervals. Those styles may set the contours on separate existing and proposed contour layers, how they display in plan vs. model views, etc. Currently we need a style for every permutation (i.e. Existing 1' & 5', Proposed 1' & 5', etc) and for each of those styles we have to apply all the settings one by one even though they all share common settings. With parent child styles we could create parent styles for Existing and Proposed and then create childs with the various contour interval settings. The childs would all share the same settings as the parent except for the intervals. This would greatly simplify the style creation process.


Also it would really be helpful if the settings could be edited globally in a tabular format. Plan vs. Model vs. Section view settings could all be modified side by side in a table for example.


Yep, great idea! I've always wondered why some styles can have children and others can't.


Is it "children" or should I say "childs"? Smiley LOL


Yep.  Wondered that too.  I would love to see this happen.


They could make it so that ANY style can have a parent and/or a child.


If a child does not specify a setting directly, it would inherit the setting from the parent.


It's children even in the programming world.  😉


If Civil 3D is based on "Object-oriented programming" then it is elementary that Styles must have the INHERITANCE feature.


This means that we were able to create a new style based on an existing style, and we were able to unlock some properties to change this new style.


Currently, it is very tedious working with styles which are not automatically dependent and we have to do this manually.


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