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Parcels - Annotative Hatching Styles

Parcels - Annotative Hatching Styles

I would like to propose an option in parcel styles to make an annotative option. We use parcel styles alot and sometimes with the many different scaled drawings. We have to rememeber to go in to the styles and change the scale of each style. It would be nice, like the normal ACAD Hatch object to have the parcel style act like it. Thanks!


I haven't used hatching in parcels so I have no idea what that's like.  But knowing that profiles, sections, pipe networks etc all update based on the scale of the viewport, I'm surprised to hear that hatching doesn't have AT LEAST an option to do similar.


Yes, as to me also it is surprising, but at different viewport scales a parcel hatch does not look the same. For instance, even a simple solid line hatch shows spaces between lines in proportion the the viewport scale... this much undermines the usability of hatched parcel styles...


This would also apply to General->Multipurpose Styles->Shape Styles. Maybe somewhere else where hatch is applied within civil feature. Would be awesome if it would be annotative. Thanks!


Actually hatch is not annotative also in profile views for pipes as well..

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