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Parcel Layout Tools and Automatic Labeling for Small Lots

Parcel Layout Tools and Automatic Labeling for Small Lots


It would be really useful for the parcel layout tools to be updated so it can actually be useful for residential lot development. The current setup is intended for large boundary surveys, not subdivision plats. When I design a subdivision with 40' x 110' lots, I have a lot of parameters that are not options for the automatic layout feature. For instance, the building line offsets are usually required to be different for a streetside lot than an interior lot, but that is not an option. A cul d' sac has a different frontage requirement than other lots, and street corner lots need to have a wider lot frontage. In addition, the method of selecting the frontage of a block almost never works correctly. 


Another issue is that when you have lots that are so small, the labels on the front and rear lot lines should only be distances, and the side lot lines should be bearing and distance, but there is no way to mark lot lines longer than a certain length as side lot lines, or shorter than a certain length as rear or front lot lines. Also, there is no way to force the automatic labels to fall inside of the lot for front or rear lot lines. If that option was available for automatic label placement with the auto parcel layout feature, it would automatically label the lots as they were created with very little need to go and edit labels.


Another issue is that when you have a common lot line when using the parcel layout tools the common lot line is labeled twice since the parcel entities created for each adjoining lot are on top of each other, so you end up with 2 labels for the same common lot line when we need only one. This is the biggest reason that the parcel layout tools are essentially unusable for small lot residential development, which is 100% of our work. There has to be a way to identify common lines and label it only once with the automatic parcel layout tool. 


The final issue is that with lot numbering since most subdivisions have blocks, the parcel numbering scheme does not work in its current form since each block starts over from lot number 1. I know I can create a site for each block, but that causes problems for the engineers when they are mass grading the entire site. If there was a way to identify each parcel in a site with a Block Number, and Parcel Numer, then all of your parcel tables, numbering, and other tools used by engineers will work seamlessly.


Basically, the parcel layout tools make it unusable in its current state as it is easier to manually label each lot line by itself, rather than going back and trying to clean up the mess of labels the auto layout tool generates. Further, not having enough specifications on the automatic layout feature makes it useless. I highly recommend speaking with a Land Surveyor who works on small residential lot development in urban areas to get further input on the redesign of your parcel layout and automatic labeling tools. You will find that most surveyors laugh at those tools, not to be rude, but it is true.

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Hi, I love your passion. Great thoughts. It would better serve your needs if each of these were in their own post. People can only like all or none of your ideas. Some ideas may be more applicable to a majority than others. 


In regards to your ideas, some sound like workflow discussions rather than a command problem. I am hoping you can post a sample "outbound parcel" with some sample alignments. That way i might be able to show you some ways to accomplish your goals without the manual things you discuss.



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