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Parametric Constraints on Feature Lines

Parametric Constraints on Feature Lines

At FDOT we have a dynamic block which is used to graphically represent different driveway standards. When the user has finished sizing the proposed driveway it is exploded and feature lines are created and elevations set for modeling. As it is now you can create feature lines within the block, but it looses all its constraints as feature lines can't be constrained or polylines for that matter. We have a work around for the user to model a corridor using the driveway, but it would be a huge time saver and open the door for future innovations with dynamic blocks used as part of a 3d design


Parametric constraints on feature lines would be great for something like this. I could see handicap ramps also being modeled this way. 


I'm looking for something similar to model excavation around foundations.  We find that the designer will follow the correct standards (or codes) however, we rarely get a chance to work with the designer to value engineer the works.  If we change the plant we want to use or the designer has not considered temporary works, the working space can need amending.  This would then drive the grading using the regular tool.


There could be the possibility that a new type of constraint could be useful too.  The Constrain level by surface would allow for the critical feature line that drives the rest of the parameters in your example to be set and if the design is updated your model would correct for it.  Possibly some kind of highlighting of changes after update could be useful too.  


This is a great idea (although a bit old). Today there are more more infrastructure projects that are for improvement of existing ADA curb ramps. Giving the ability to provide constraints to feature lines will help us create 3D civil blocks so we can snap to proposed profile (Flow line for example) and speed up the design process of curb ramps and driveways. I hope this idea will get implemented in the near future.

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