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Overhaul Civil 3D Reporting to export in a consistent format that can be modified easily by users

Overhaul Civil 3D Reporting to export in a consistent format that can be modified easily by users

Customizing Civil 3D Reports is a painful, frustrating, and fruitless task, it appears Civil 3D uses various methods for exporting reports, some are easy to edit and others are shrouded in a web of mystery that even the best programmers cannot explain or untangle. Can we PLEASE consolidate the way these reports are created and make it easy to edit of fine-tune the reports to come out in a format a company or agency wants?!!

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @james.lord9MVZK .

Thanks for your feedback. The Civil 3D reports are a mixture of:

  • Simple data extraction from objects
  • Programs that run calculations on objects

For the former, Project Explorer is a much better tool to create custom AutoCAD tables and reports.

The latter are a more difficult task that is still in our backlog.


@TimYarris The current way Civil 3D reports are created is not consistent on how to customize, some of them cannot or have no documentation on how to edit say, the Survey Metes and Bounds Report which executes AeccReportX.dll??? If you can link to articles, forums, or whatever that would be amazing. For example, certain agencies require the order of the properties extracted need to be arranged.


As for Project Explorer, there is no Survey tab (Well in 2023, not sure if has been added), and the Parcel reports have two. The other reason not all users have access to Projected Explorer? I thought it was only for AEC licenses? Building a custom report that not everyone will have access to would not be prudent.


The only thing I wish for, all the reports have the ability to customize, even if it requires us to hire a software engineer.  Maybe open up more nodes in Dynamo to extract parcels, from there Excel can be programed to format... (I am not a dynamo expert, just throwing out ideas).


The overall reason I put this up for an idea is to hopefully find a way to customize all reports or at least get documentation on how to.


Hi @james.lord9MVZK .

While it won't let you rebuild and customize all the OOTB reports, Project Explorer is available to all Civil 3D subscribers

Dynamo is a great suggestion. We're in the process of building out Dynamo nodes to support more Civil 3D and AutoCAD nodes. I'm not sure where Survey nodes fall in that, but I'll do some research and get back to you.

I'm afraid I don't have links to the reports beyond what's documented in the online help.

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