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Online Auto CAD Civil 3D for forums

Online Auto CAD Civil 3D for forums

I am referring Auto CAD civil 3D forum most of the time when I come across problems in highway design. When I go through these posts I frequently see the people who are trying to solve the problems request the original drawing file. But it could be problematic to share your original drawings with other people at some instances.

Therefore I suggest if Civil 3D (and other software forums also) can built up a online civil 3D version where these files can be uploaded and checked for the issues. It will be easy for everyone. Further I suggest this online version will only do civil 3D operations and it should not have the ability to save drawings. People can give solution by analyzing the drawing on online space. The person who ask the question can upload the drawing to some storage (provided by autodesk or other method) for other people to work out in the online version and give solutions. Once the solution is finalized the questioner can decide whether to leave the file for future use or to delete it.


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