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Offset alignment SET.

Offset alignment SET.

Basically is a template.




This idea is extracted from Clip Toolsa software which have a similar tool.

Civil 3D API needs a new object (style) called "Offset Alignments Set".

It would be placed in the ToolSpace (Settings Tab) within the Alignment category.

And the command:
CreateOffsetAlignmentsSet , to define a new Offset Alignment Set.

Another command:

This new command, "CreateOffsetAlignment_FromOffsetAlignmentsSet",  won´t replace the current "CreateOffsetAlignment" command.

The aim is a quick way to create offset alignments with different offsets in plan view. (in this case, we don´t need also create their design profiles, just in plan view).


CreateOffsetAlignmentsSet command:
If we call this command, it will appear a dialog box to define until 5 offset alignments in the left side and until 5 offset alignments in the right side.
Notice that you can´t select the parent alignment here, it is just a definition set which you will save it in your drawing template.

**See the attached picture.

About selecting alignment labels set for each Offset alignment I don´t think it is necessary.

"CreateOffsetAlignment_FromOffsetAlignmentsSet", command.
If you call this command, then you must select the parent alignment and a "Offset Alignments Set", to create the corresponding offset alignments.

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