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Offset alignment Set

Offset alignment Set

I would like a new object in Civil 3D called "Offset alignment Set"  and "Offset alignment Set style".


Now, we have the "offset alignment" command, but we can only create several offset alignments on the left and on the right side with the same equidistance.


For example, 3 offset alignments on the left side with offset = 5 meters.



If we have the "Offset alignment Set" object and its style "Offset alignment set style", we can set several default styles in the template and we can call this command.


For example, we can define the following in the "offset alignment set style".


berm (offset -10 meters) -> "berm" alignment style.

shoulder (offset -9 meters)---> "shoulder" alignment style.

outside lane(  offset -7.5 meters---> "outside lane" alignment style.

inside lane (offset -3.5 meters) --> "inside lane" alignment style.


The same for the right side.



So, if I use the command "offset alignment set" with that style, I create several offset alignments with its offset and alignment style.





The "Offset alignment Set style" should be a datagridview where we can add new registers:


Offset column 

Alignment style column.

label alingment style column.



Look at the Clip Toolsa software.


From the minute 24:40


We can create all the offset alignments in one step.


Obviously, with this process, the alignment´s name of each offset alignment will be always a random name. (using the template name).




You can currently accomplish what you're after -- just not in ONE step (which would be more convenient) -- I've done it many times.


  1. Create offset Alignment: one @-10 M (set "right to 0 offsets and left to 1)
  2. Create offset Alignment: one @-9 M
  3. Create offset Alignment: one @-7.5M
  4. Create offset Alignment: one @-3.5M

Then do similar for the right side.  As you change the source alignment, they will ALL update automatically.



Yes, the idea of the "Offset alignment Set style" is you can create styles in your drawing template and you can create several offset alignments using that style in just ONE STEP.


When we define a "offset alignment set style", we could have a "mirror" button, to create the same alignment offsets in the opposite side.


We need some "template" or style to save it in the drawing template.


Currently, remember that you are setting the  alignment offsets once you have created the parent alignment.


In my case, I refer about saving the offsets (with a sign) values and alignment styles of each alignment offset, so you don´t need previously a parent alignment in your drawing.


You will use that setting when you call the command "create an offset alignment set" and then you select a template or style and the parent alignment.





Now we have the command: CreateOffsetAlignment.       ( for specific cases)


and it would be interesting a new command called:  CreateOffsetAlignmentSet.

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