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Offset Adjustment for Profile Slopes

Offset Adjustment for Profile Slopes

I'd like to have a property on each individual profile where I can add an offset adjustment value so that it will calculate the slope correctly, since it could calculate the distance correctly accounting for the offset adjustment.


We typically have streets where the curb & gutter run parallel and and a constant width from the street center line.  The street profiles are supposed to show the center line and left and right gutter profiles in the same profiles view, with labels for the running gutter slopes in the profile.  This is what I consider a basic plan and profile setup for a street plan.


The problem is that any time the street curves, the slope generated by Civil 3D is incorrect because it is basing it on station distance with is center line distance, not the gutter distance.



Upgrade to 2018..


I don't have 2018 to test, but if you are talking about dynamic offset profiles, that's not exactly what I'm talking about unless they have more freedom than it sounds like.


I want to be able to set the grades for the left and right gutter profiles independent of the center line profile not automatically set by a cross slopes, but still have the gutter slopes calculate correctly where the street has a horizontal curve in the alignment.  That way I can control design and have varying cross slopes as needed, but still have the slopes automatically calculated correctly.


It will create the true longitudinal flowline lengths and grades based on the flowline alignment, then you can see where it may get too flat around curves and through widenings and design the flow line,


You have to change the flowline profile to Static mode to make these final design changes.


What we do need for production is to get these profiles automatically in the stack as shown below. As of now, we are forced to do this manually. 





The problem with basing it on a flowline alignment is that it doesn't follow centerline (CL) stationing.  All of the public agencies here want the profiles (left gutter, right gutter & CL) in one profile view, all based on the same stationing basis (alignment).  I could already create the separate alignments and profile views if I wanted to, but I need them all in the CL profile view stacked on top of each other.


I can already achieve what I need if I want to manually override the slopes on every curved section of street, but that defeats the point of being dynamic, and the program already could calculate the correct slope if it knew of a constant offset value to adjust the gutter length with.


We really need the functionality discussed in this simple Idea below to make this all work much better for urban design (streets with gutters)..






The problem with basing it on a flowline alignment is that it doesn't follow centerline (CL) stationing.  


No...can't be CL lengths and stationing for the flowlines..


The plan reviewers require to show the true longitudinal grades of the flowlines to ensure drainage is working properly..making sure the gutter longitudinal grade doesn't get too flat around curves and through widenings..


Here is an example of this topic.



I'm dealing with this exact issue today.

I need to see centerline and left and right flow profiles around a curve in one profile view.

The design slope of the left and right flow lines are not the same nor are they the same as the centerline slope.

Because the outside flow line is longer than the centerline, and the inside flow line is shorter, projecting those as feature lines onto the profile view gives incorrect slope data in the profile view.

Any other ideas on how to accomplish this?



As far as I can tell most people didn't understand what I was getting at in terms of how we typically display profiles/slopes on our plan.  I also have not found that any of my ideas have ever been taken seriously by AutoDesk, so I've pretty much given up on giving them ideas for improving their product since it appears to be a waste of my time.


That said, for this issue when we have curved streets that have an affect on slope display in profile, we normally override the text manually with the correct value and change the color to something that signifies that the number is no longer dynamic.  We do this for any slope affected.  I know it's a pain, but it is one way to use the software to produce the correct output for production plans, even though it breaks the whole idea of being dynamic.  Far too often I'm left doing things like this to work around the limitations of the software, but at the end of the day I have to do something to get my plans out correctly.


@Kempostudent3, I hear ya. Thanks for the response.

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