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Object Labels should Obey Annotation Scale in Viewports

Object Labels should Obey Annotation Scale in Viewports

Viewports can be changed to have an Annotation Scale that differs from the viewport scale.  Object labels associated with Civil 3D objects, however, do not obey this change, only normal text/mtext will.  Object labels should either behave the same way as text by obeying the annotation scale, or another option should be added (maybe "Object Label Scale").

This is especially helpful when needing to create exhibits that rely on tags and labels set up that tie to a plan package or a future plan package.  Creating a host of other styles that will suit multiple text sizes depending on if you need 20 scale text in a 50 scale VP or 50 scale text in a 300 scale VP is infeasible.  There are too many possibilities for what you could need in an exhibit.


I'll one up that one. How about fully annotative behavior for all C3D labels (allow different locations and rotations depending on view scale)?


this is really annoying why cant Autodesk come up with an easy solution. Autodesk.JPG 

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