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Object Labels | Match Properties?

Object Labels | Match Properties?

There are a small handful of issues with Object Labels.



If I use the MATCHPROP Command, select a non-Label entity, and then select a Label entity, then I expect that at least the Layer Property would change accordingly... Manually hunting through Layers Control in Ribbon, or Properties Pane, is a complete waste of time.



If I use MATCHPROP Command, select a Label entity, and the select another Label entity, then I expect any similar components with populated values to be populated in kind.


As example:


I have two Structure Labels for the same Structure in two Profile Views (different "Pipe or Structure Profile" entities, which make no sense, BTW), where an interception manhole outfalls to a lift station's wet well.


Both Label Styles have the same format, one simply adds " (LINED)" after the Structure's Name/Number, in order to call out the County's utility code requirements for how the interior of the interception manhole is to be treated/pre-cast... This means they both have the Structure Name/Number, Structure type and diameter, station & offset (via Alignment Reference Text), Rim and Pipe elevations.


When I MATCHPROP, I *should* end up with the Alignment Reference Text having the same value in the resultant Label, as the source Label.




Please, for the love of all that is good... No more of this manually duplicating work, to populate values that should have been culled prior to deleting the original Label, and replacing it with a new Label, despite MATCHPROP, or manually changing "a" Label to another Style in Properties Pane.





Equally frustrating, is the part about manually changing a given Label from one Style to another.



Continuing the Sanitary Manhole scenario above, where standard label is being changed to a 'lined' label style....



So I select the standard label, go to Properties Pane, change the Style, and have to then duplicate work by manually specifying the Alignment Reference Text value... I shouldn't have to, but I do nonetheless.


Problem is, I cannot do so in the SAME manual operation!


I have to first select the Label and change the Label Style... Then un-select the Label... Then re-select the same Label, all just to change the Alignment Reference Text value?



All attempts to change the Alignment Reference Text value in the initial/same manual operation of changing the Label Style result in no change at all, which is a complete PITA, and just dumb, frankly.


In reference to the first point, layers only.... use LAYMCH instead of of MATCHPROP. Although I do agree that Matchprop should do this anyway.


Thanks, Jeff!


Regarding the second point (and since these are separate points, they should be separate Ideas):


If I understand you correctly, you modify the structure label to add (LINED) after the structure name if you're in a sheet that is going to the county as their requirements are different.  Correct?


If so, make a separate child style that just adds (LINED) after the structure name.  Then when you place a label in a sheet that goes to the county, use this style.


In the following image, I labeled the same structure twice -- each one with a diff style.  When I change the structure name, the labels both automatically update.


C3D PipeStructLbl1.png


C3D PipeStructLbl2.png


EDIT:  I just went back and re-read your post and see that you're already doing this.  I thought you were talking about using the option to "EDIT LABEL TEXT" after the label has been placed.

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