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Not AutoCAD Civil 3D (AutoCAD Architectural isn't an available choice)

Not AutoCAD Civil 3D (AutoCAD Architectural isn't an available choice)

Why is it that if you are in the layer pulldown and are currently on a layer that is earlier in the alphabet (let's say "A") and you hit the first letter of the layer you want to go to (let's say "F") why does only the first layer that starts with "F" come up at the very bottom of the list, with a hole list of layers that letter is before "F" above it? Wouldn't it make sense that if I type the letter "F", then I would like to see all the layers that start with "F" and not "C" thru "G" with one "F" at the bottom?


While this isn't Civil 3D, or Architectural specific (applies to all AutoCAD products), I completely agree!


Problem is, for that to ever happen from the outset - without repeated feedback like this after a half-baked feature is released - methinks the AutoCAD 'User Experience' Team would have to be comprised of more folks that actually have relevant 'Experience as a User' (a few of them do, not nearly enough)... or perhaps at least listen to the Testers prior to release... Crazy ideas, I know. Haha





I think this is may be an OS default for dropdown lists, rather than an AutoCAD one.  Open MS Word, drop down the list of fonts and hit "T" (or something towards the end of the alphabet).  I get "Tahoma" selected, and it's at the bottom of the visible list - not the top.  So it only moves the list enough in the right direction for the selected item to be visible.


Autodesk already has the desired functionality implemented, just inconsistently so.


As example:


Select an entity with a Layer down in your list of Layers... Select the Layer dropdown... That entity's Layer is automagically brought to top of dropdown list (so long as it is not in the bottom max fill of same, of course). 




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