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New idea of inspection on earthwork sites

New idea of inspection on earthwork sites

I plan to write poster. name "Grid-type earthwork inspection system using drones in earthwork field" and this is my abstract.

Recently, the development of photogrammetric technique using UAV has been attempted to combine it with the inspection of the earthwork field. Drones can be used to enhance the productivity by complementing the disadvantages of existing GPS surveying because it expresses points for all locations in 3D model (Point Cloud). In this study, the 3D cross-section model was used to construct the cross-section of the earthwork site, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the cross- section was matched with the plan drawings.After thess process, The grid was divided into sections, and the volume of each section was used as a reference for the test. Based on these results, we propose the possibility of using the drones survey for the inspection of the earthwork field.

These days, Drone technology has developed a lot. It makes 3D terrain model. So I want to compare 3D terrain model and planed model. I use civil 3D tool (Earthwork Plan Production). It is very good tool to compare 3D model.

I want compare that model by grid. (like 1m * 1m) but, that tool has some missing.
in very small interval, total cut and fill values labels, they are not in the grid.(but just one cut only or fill only, there are no missing.)

I try to reduce font size. but it always missing. that makes hard to inspection.

so I want patch this.

Civil 3D would be nice if this could be used for inspection.

Thanks to read. and sorry about I'm not fluent in English.


  1. I want use Earthwork Plan Production to inspection by using drone and civil3d. point based -> grid based inspection
  2. that tool has error in small interval.
  3. so i want patch this

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