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new command: quick way to add/remove spiral subentities.

new command: quick way to add/remove spiral subentities.

Sometimes, we have a free curve (without spirals) between 2 fixed lines in the alignment and if we want to add spirals (spiral IN and spiral OUT), we have to remove that entity and choose the another one. (free curve with spirals).



I would like a command in Civil 3D where we can choose an entity on the aligment (picking on the entity) and then Civil 3D add the the equivalent entity with spirals with the same Radius. By prompt we have to type the parameter A (spiral IN) and the parameter A (spiral OUT), but we don´t have to type the Radius because it is the same.


This is the reverse case:

The curve is a free curve with spirals, so if we pick on the entity, the new entity will be a free curve with the same Radius but without any spirals.



With the floating lines or curves happens the same, they can start with spiral or not.


This is a "hot key" command to add or remove spirals in a particular entity. I think it would be great!!


So the same command "add" or "removes" spirals according to the selected entity if ithis already has spirals or not.



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And a quick way to convert fixed lines to fixed arcs and viceversa. (if after the fixed entity there is a floating or free entity, currently we have to define "all" the alignment again..)

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