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Nested Layers

Nested Layers

It would be nice to be able to freeze all of the storm layers by freezing C-STM.


I understand that this can be kind of achieved through layer filters, but I would also like my points to turn on when I turn on my points layer for the curb line, regardless of what layers my point marker/style are using.


It would also be really helpful for any surfaces I have, top layer for the TIN surface and the break lines and other surface geometry I am using I can be nested. More of an organizational tool than anything.




If you use the command line version of the Layer command, you can accomplish your wish very quickly.











Never thought of doing it that way before (wildcard in command line). Clever. Pretty much the same thing can be achieved through filters, and in the search for layer part of the layer properties manager.


I'm still looking for something that is a bit more intuitive for my coworkers. They are not trained in Civ3d, and tend to get real frustrated trying to turn on points, or how to unfreeze points when they have a layer for the marker, one for the text and another for a specific description of the point.


Also, the layers property manager gets a little crazy when you have a ton of layers and surfaces. Being able to group them with there edits would be great.




Would it make sense to teach them to freeze the object layer? That would turn off a whole network or surface.


This seems to make sense when wanting to freeze C-STM and having everything off. In the second paragraph it sounds like you want a bit more control and object layers may not work in this case.


You could use the prefix/suffix options in the object layers?

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