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My Idea (aka rant)

My Idea (aka rant)

My idea is to get rid of this idea forum and actually give people access to the engineers.


My company runs a quarter million dollars worth of this bloody software on very expensive computer systems and since 2014 we havn't found a good reason to upgrade. 


One simple factor that would give me the power to convince to upgrade: performance.  We have multitudes of drawings that take 5 minutes to open simply because we have a network with profiles xref'd in (fyi Xrefs have and always will be key to accuracy, production, and minimal mistakes!...This dref stuff is just junk). Those of us who have been doing this for 15-20 years are thankful for the dynamic capabilities but are going crazy knowing it's been at the cost of performance.  We have jobs that take 4 hours to print (granted they are 500-acres and over a hundered sheets...but it's still a joke).


Anyways...done with my rant. Fix it Autodesk, for your own sake!


I think a certain large DOT that uses Civil 3D has the best workflow. They take their drawings and export them to Microstation. Once in Microstation they finish the labeling and then print using Microstation. They are getting rid of all of the overhead of Civil 3D and printing dumb linework in Microstation quickly.


Civil 3D needs to have a way to set your drawing as "done" and then let you print the "done" linework. We don't need the overhead Civil 3D when we are 90% done with a project. We don't need line work that has been set for the past two weeks to months to keep checking to make sure it's up to date when nothing has changed. We don't need thousands of labels to check to see if they are rotated correctly in the one viewport they are shown in. Printing, as you have provided as an example, is an excellent example of the overhead we need to be able to turn off.


And then once you've marked it as "done", what do you do if you need to make changes?  As in Change of Plan, Revision to a submitted plan, As-Builts?


I don't see them ever giving direct access to the dev team.  I think the ideastations are about as close as we'll ever get and I honestly think they're fine -- we just need MORE of them. 


If we had direct contact with the development team, they'd never get any real development work done.  Given the ideastation system, we can all voice our opinion and offer suggestions for future versions -- and comment on any ideas submitted.  As a group we all help narrow down the wishlist to something manageable.  Now the dev team has a list of things they KNOW the users want (or at least those who want it bad enough to bring the issue here) and they can take care of that list instead of just blindly adding things they THINK/HOPE we'd want (although I think they still do too much of the latter).

Then you hit the edit button and you are able to modify stuff.

Autodesk already has the framework available to do this with ProxyGraphics. When the done button is pressed ProxyGraphics would be shown, when edit is pressed the Civil 3D overhead is turned on.

The civil 3D overhead is really bad. Just selecting a pipe can cause a ton of processing to occur when the only thing changed is the user selecting the pipe.



That should be a separate Idea here -- you post it and I'd vote for that.

I already did, you already commented. Although I did use different wording.

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