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Multiple Surface Volume Comparison

Multiple Surface Volume Comparison

It would be great if you could make one volume surface that compares multiple surface models. I.e. If my proposed cut goes through multiple surface layers, it should automate a boundary where the proposed cuts through the top and bottom of each layer so it can generate a volume for each layer within the volume surface model. It would be great if C3D could automate this in one volume surface that contains multiple volume layers.


To do this, you could define intermediate sub-surface models with top and bottom definitions as each surface defines the bottom of one geology or fill layer. So if you have Top Soil, you would check that it's the top of top soil, you could then define your sub-surface layer with a definition of top soil checked as the bottom layer and gravel check as the top layer to define your next major soil classification.


In Environmental Engineering we work with multiple layers of geology, fill material, contaminated soil, sediment, etc.



If I have a proposed dredge cut and I need to know the volume of sediment to be removed and the volume of sand to be removed, I have to run post-dredge bathymetry vs bottom of dredge. This gives me my overall volume of dredge. I then have to run a volume of bathymetry vs bottom of sediment/top of sand (my upper most layer.) This gives me my volume of sediment. I then have to subtract my sediment volume manually from my total dredge cut to get my sand volume to be dredged. This is a simple example. We have sites that are contaminated with different constituents that need to be handled differently so we have to repeat this for more layers and for different areas.


Alternatively, I'd have to generate a boundary where my sand intersects with my proposed dredge at the cut line and generate another volume surface of bottom of sediment/top of sand at my proposed grading vs my bottom of proposed dredge to get my sand cut. 


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