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multiple Spot elevations in one label

multiple Spot elevations in one label

I want to show multiple spot elevations without having the secondary elevation having to be an expression. It would be optimal if you could point to two different points for separate elevations while referencing one surface. the problem with the expression style only come when someone points it to the wrong place or there is actually a difference that is not typical of other spots. i would also like to use something like this for wall callouts.



Yes please.


Even though curbs can be handled with an expression such as the one shown here, other situations such as retaining walls of differing height would have to be handled differently.

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You could sample a cogo point for one or both of the elevations.  I have used this for 1 label with BC/FL of existing curb elevations.  Set Label, Select point BC, Select point FL. 

Alternate Use, if you prefer a vertical profile sample, one primary alingment along a retaining wall, sample separate Top/Toe Vertical Profiles.


I have created Proposed Cogo points for curb labels, but they are not dynamic to the surface. 


Let me know if I could clarify.



What if you placed a feature line (no plot layer and style) and labeled the start and end z? You'd have to remember to update the feature lines to the current surface elevation before the annotation would be correct but it should work. on lines and 3d polylines as well.

TOP: <[General Segment Start Z(Uft|P2|RN|AP|GC|UN|Sn|OF)]>
BTM: <[General Segment End Z(Uft|P2|RN|AP|GC|UN|Sn|OF)]>


Not applicable

We have used the end of line label before for design surfaces. It will auto label beginning and end of each segment, but unfortunately rotation gets weird, and you would have 2 labels at each location. One for the begnning of one line segement and the end of the other. Also you would need 2 lines, one for BC one for FL.  


This is great for design work, seeing the elevations as you go, but won't work for plan production.



To the OP:  Label 1 could be a surface label,


Label 2 could be a separate surface pasted +edit 0.50.  OR  

                          a cogo point set to surface and all raised as a group +0.50,


It really depends on if the  Insertion point of the label is the same for both elevations.  You cannot sample BC and FL elevations and same horizontal loction.  Hince using the point references.  Point BC, and Point FL are in diffrent locations. The label is just echoing the Z value from either. 




Hey Walker, it's Andrew "The Beard". I don't think it would be too hard for autodesk to program this feature considering that multileaders "Collect" labels much in much the same way you're posting about. Why stop there? Why not allow labels to be collected across the board? Say for example you have a water line that has a bunch of structures in one small area, and you wanted to collect the contents of each label into one label. Seems like a feature that could be easily integrated.

Maybe something Steve Hill (Red Transit) could add to his pipe networks suite in a future release?

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