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Multiple fill factors for one material list

Multiple fill factors for one material list

I work for a civil engineering firm.  We design long, rural highway & large urban, interchange projects.  We use material lists for 2 purposes.  The first being to show the cut & fill areas, along with volumes, on the cross sections in the construction set of plans.  The second, to create a mass haul diagram representing the dirt quantity for the project.  These 2 things use identical surface comparisons, with only one difference.  That difference being the fill factor for the cross sections is 1 and the fill factor for the mass haul diagram is +15%.  


Currently we are stacking appropriate surfaces for the material list(s) of the cross sections.  We do this for each phase of construction.  We then duplicate this material list for the Mass haul diagram & change only the fill factor.  We print 2 reports to coincide.  Inevitably this can add up to 15-20 material lists on one project.  It's a lot for the engineers to keep track of, check, & compare at submittal time, as dirt is the last thing we quantify.  


If there is a way to incorporate multiple fill factors for one surface comparison/material list, our time spent on dirt quantities, would literally be cut in half!!  Ultimately increasing production efficiencies.  In this case, time is money.  Building on that, when we go to pull the mass haul line for the diagram, there would be an option to see this single comparison with the different fill factors, rather than having to chose from multiple material lists.  By doing so this eliminates inaccuracies across the quantities from cross sections at 1 to the mass hauls at +15%.  To complete this, the cut & fill reports would now include columns for each of the different fill factors.  My engineers are asking to see those numbers side by side rather than on 2 different reports.  Again, increasing productivity & decreasing time spent looking at dirt.        

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