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Moving Feature Lines to Different Site

Moving Feature Lines to Different Site

Moving Feature Lines to different sites can be tedious. When selecting multiple features lines, you can right click and Move to Site or select it from the contextual ribbon tab. However, if the current selection set contains feature lines from multiple sites, nothing happens - not even a warning prompt that it cannot be completed. This creates confusion for the users.


When looking at the AutoCAD properties palette, you can see the site *Varies*, but when selecting move to site, nothing happens.


What should happen is upon selecting move to site, list out each site that the objects are on and allow the user to move them to the selected site. At a minimum, at least list that the site varies in the Move to Site dialog and still allow the user to move the feature lines to a different site.

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I agree with this request. Just because feature lines from multiple sites are selected, the command should still work.

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