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Move/Rotate Parcel Segments WITHOUT Creating New Parcels?

Move/Rotate Parcel Segments WITHOUT Creating New Parcels?

I am working with a residential site, and setup parcels for each 'unit' for a bunch of multi-unit townhomes... I took the building footprint (outer), and the inner dividers which vary from building to building based on unit size, which are now the Parcel Segments for my Parcels.


A building needs to be moved/rotated at the client's request... So, I move/rotate them.


Problems are....


When the Parcel Segments are moved... All new Parcels are created, which is dumb.


When the Parcel Segments are rotated... All new Parcels are created, which is also dumb.


When the Parcel Segments are rotated by reference from a Parcel Segment's vertex... All but one of the Parcels are newly created, which is still just dumb.



Manually editing Parcel Segments by vertices is a complete PITA, frankly.



Further, Parcels that are labeled in my sheets just disappear, even thought I've subsequently Renamed/Renumbered the new Parcels accordingly - The Labels are populated with a value, and should be seeking any Parcel with the appropriate value, and not some GUID, etc - because now, I have to go back through and re-Label each-and-every-single sheet that they show up in, which is also a complete PITA, frankly.



I'm pretty reasonable, if you could make Civil 3D Objects work with vanilla AutoCAD 'modify' Commands, I'd be pretty happy; my last about Labels would also be greatly appreciated, but as a developer I do understand that is the more loaded task to complete.








More screenshots....



In my experimentation I found the parcels system so reactive and fragile that I kept component geometry (lines & arcs) in a separate layer with a piece of text for the parcel number.  Whenever changes were made I deleted all parcels and used a piece of code to recreate them all.


Hi Terry - Good to run into you here!


I've done the same (used multiple instances of MText following ExportC3dDrawing, at different Anootation scales, and heights based on sheet scales), but have been _trying_ to find more uses for Parcels, if not find issues to report here.


I do appreciate the confirmation.







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