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Most suitable Radii in alignment Free entity.

Most suitable Radii in alignment Free entity.

It is a heavy headache when we have to find out what could be the best Radii value for a free entity when we add a free entity between 2 entities.


When I have to put a free curve (or free curve with spirals) between 2 fixed lines, generally I put a Radii value closely 0 and the I use the grip of the arc to move the Radii to my Radii.


But if both fixed entities (or a floating and fixed entity) are (or at least one of them) a arc, then is very complicated to find out a suitable Radii, you always get a "No solution" in the command line... but WHY Civil 3D doesn´t offer us in the command line the minimum and maximum Radii possible for that scenario?


I am fed up with this NO SOLUTION...........


I would like  something like "Free entity Radii solver" tool, for example.


And most of the cases, the reason to not have a Radii solution is this:


Why not then a "general setting" in C3D software to enable/disable that behaviour?



I mean... other softwares recommends /suggests a suitable value whereas in Civil 3D is always : NO SOLUTION. (ok, there is no solution with the typed value but why not the software suggests to me another value in the rang where there is solution?



Actually, this "hybrid free entity" would be "floating (from entity end) " in one side, and "floating (from entity)" in the opposite side.



Right now, a free entity is a "floating(from entity)" in both sides but it doesn´t have pass-through points.



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