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More SuperElevation Data

More SuperElevation Data

There are in Civil 3D:


  • Left Outside Shoulder
  • Left Outside Lane
  • Left Inside Lane
  • Left Inside Shoulder
  • Right Outside Shoulder
  • Right Outside Lane
  • Right Inside Lane
  • Right Inside Shoulder

However, in my opinion, this is quite poor.


In some softwares, like Istram Ispol (we can define 3 auxiliary lanes (outside shoulders) ) for each side. I mean, 3 outside shoulders for the left side, and 3 outside shoulders for the right side.


For example, If I have an assembly with the following subamssemblies (for the right side): lane-- shoulder---berm, I can´t define superelevations for the berm´s subassembly....

In general, the superelevation of the lane and shoulder is the same, and I could use an unique subassembly "lane+shoulder" instead of using both, but it´s a poor solution.


So, I think that Civil 3D must allow adding more superelevation cross slope:  "Right Outside Shoulder (1)", "Right Outside Shoulder (2)", ""Right Outside Shoulder (3)". 

The same for the left side.


"Right Outside Shoulder(3)" would be the outermost.


Another example:

Imagine that I have an assembly with the following subassemblies: lane + lane (car park)+shoulder. 

The superelevation of the "lane(car park)" is different from the "lane", and shoulder subassembly has another superelevation.


So, it´s necessary more Superelevation Data. (we can hide columns in the datagrid table if some of them is not needed)

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