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More settings in the feature lines styles

More settings in the feature lines styles

The linetype styles collection and lineweight styles collection in the acad template should be integrated in the feature line styles and survey figure styles to choose a lineweight style and linetype style for each style(FL OR SF).


Moreover, we were able to choose a different linetype style for plan, model, section and profile orientation.


For example, if some feature line style has its own linetype style, then this overrides the linetype style of the entity, so a linetype style by default would be = none.


We can do this in ISTRAM ISPOL because we can set anything in the lines library.


Istram Ispol has an interesting type of line which is hatched automatically at the moment you close the line.

While you are not closing the line, then there is no hatch.

The solid colour of the hatch is the same colour of the line but maybe we could set this with another colour.


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Sorry, I was wrong, we can already do this in the feature line style.

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