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more operations to edit an alignment graphically (by grips)

more operations to edit an alignment graphically (by grips)

I would like the following items when I want to edit an alignment graphically (using the grips):


If I select an arc entity ( I drag the grip in an arc entity to change the Radius, I would like to see dinamically the value of the Radius):




Moreover, typing the Radius value in the command line while I am dragging the grip.



I would like to have the option to use the grips (PI) similar than the profiles (PVI grips) to retain the direction (azimut) of the previous or next line entity. We can do this in the profiles but not in the alignments:





If I have an alignment with fix entities (lines) and free entities (arcs), I would like a new operation for the grip located in the middle of the line entity (We can do this with Istram Ispol software):




I mean, If we move the grip in the middle of the line, then the previous line and the next line retain their old direction, they never change their direction.

In addition, the new arcs has the old Radius value. 

The only modifications are the new locations of the PIs and previous and next line have more or less length.



Finally, I would like to change the direction of some line entity picking a point (in the picture, the orange cross to move the direction of the second line entity)

(Istram Ispol has other grip for the line entity to move a point on the line):

According that criteria, the previous and next arc retain the same Radius value. I mean, If the previous arc has the Radius 50m and the next Radius has the Radius 30, once finished this operation, the previous arc will be a Radius 50m and the next Raidus 30m).



The previous and next line retain the direction (azimut). The only changes are the new location of the previous and next PI.




Perhaps for this, it is necessary a new grip for the line entities or a command to select a line entity and then picking a point to calculate the new direction.



It seems that we can make the third case with "Break-apart PI", although I don´t understand the meaning of the distance value.

It would be nice recover the original status of the PI once we have used "Break-apart PI".


All right.

We can do all the examples that I exposed using "Break-apart PI".


However, we cannot do that for a layout profiles (design profiles) because the PVIs haven´t got "Break-apart PVI".


We can retain one grade (previous or next grade of the tangent) if we using one of the grips but we cannnot move a tangent retaing simultaneously both grades (previous and next tangent grades neither retaining previous and next KV of the parabola).


So, we need "Break-apart PVI" for the layout profiles.


Great ideas. I would add the following two grips that Design Profiles have, to alignments. Often times we have to move an alignment PI point and want to hold one tangent line angle - these grips would allow us to do that.




Yes, it is more comfortable doing that with those grips but you can do that with ""Break-apart PI" in The PI and then move the vertice.


I would like to have "Break-apart PVI" for break the PVI´s. to move a tangent of the layout profile retaining the preivous and next grade (and the previous and next KV).


In addition:


Grips to offset (parallel direction) the line entity (offset to the left or right side).




While we are dragging some grip of them, we could type in the command line the offset value.

The start and end point will be changed.


Like Infraworks!
Nice idea!


To be honest, PowerInroads is better than C3D in this section. It has a lot of grips to retain direction while we are extending/trim  the previous or next tangent, apply offset of a tangent, changing the radius value directly ....


I would find it super useful if I had two more grips at alignment tangent intersection,

so I could modify one tangent in the way that other tangents angle and direction stays inchanged.


Similar to profile editing where I can modify one grade so that the other grade remains same.


I added a picture which hopefully explains where and what i mean.




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