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More information when we use the command "CreateGrading"

More information when we use the command "CreateGrading"

When we use this command and we select a FeatureLine or Parcel segment as the Element to be selected, that entity must belong to the same site of the Grading Group, but sometimes this doesn´t happen, so it would be interesting if Civil 3D throws a messagebox about this constraint and if we want to copy/move the FeatureLine (or Parcel segment) to that Site.


A lot of users don´t understand what happens when they try to select the FL and the Grading object is not created.



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The messagebox could be a dialog box with 4 options:


The site of the FL doesn't match with the site of the Grading Group? What do you want to do?:

- cancel operation.

- move the selected Feature line to the site of the current grading group.

- copy "   "   "      "      "      "       "       "     "      "    "     "    "     "     "   ".

-move the grading group to the site of the feature line.



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