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ModelDetail ON / OFF (performance switch)

ModelDetail ON / OFF (performance switch)

To help with the global Civil Performance there are a few settings one could change to make a model lighter. I would like to see a button that switches all those settings together at ones. 


So Default setting = ModelDetail OFF (MD=OFF)

 - When you import your surface Civil makes 2 surfaces. One surface with all the original points (million+ vertexes) and one that has been weeded to max 10k point. With the MD=OFF you are working with simplified surface(s).

- Point clouds are weeded same as the surfaces.

- Corridor Frequencies are set to 100meter, At offset target geometry points = OFF

- 3D Polylines are weeded

- Level of detail on

- Sample lines / 5



With ModelDetail ON (MD=ON) civil recalculates the whole model with the high settings. 

- Surfaces with all the original points

- Point cloud with all the points

- Corridor frequency back to every 10meter or whatever is preferred. 

- Polylines un-weeded. 

- level of detail off

- normal amount of sample lines.

Now you can check on those ditches, calculate the volumes, and plot the drawings. 



Of course all these amounts should be editable. But just one mode to create the model with light objects. And a button that when pushed (get some coffee for your colleagues) gives the detailed picture. 



Doing this switching by hand atm consumes a lot of time and a lot of clicks.





ps. yes we want multicore processor support. But this idea is easier to program 😉




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