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Mirror featureline

Mirror featureline

Not sure if this has been rasied or not but....


It would be very useful to be able to mirror a featureline natively rather than having to explode > mirror > recreate



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Peter Funk

Sr. Product Manager

Autodesk, Inc.


I agree that the ability to mirror a feature line would be very useful.  Especially when the feature line elevations are assigned relative to a surface.  One instance where this is applicable is when modeling area drains on residential lots that are the same in every way, just mirrored.  Thanks for the original post neilyj!


I agree, this seems like a basic concept since many other items can be mirrored.  I have a project with identical buildings and I would like to replicate my design for a mirrored version of the building... but oh wait, Autodesk didn't have the creativity to envision a case where a designer might want to do this, nor did they see the point when someone pointed out the limitation.  Now I'm stuck taking a few hours to recreate a complicated design. 


I'm sure other people would find this useful, but we don't all take the time to constantly look at the forums for good ideas and chime in so that you will listen to us.  We are too busy working on our projects to spend the time it would take to get Autodesk's attention, assuming that they would ever listen.  Even great ideas that have had more support are typically not implemented.  It's unfortunate because the software could be really good if Autodesk listened to its users.  Instead, they generally ignore good ideas and force the users to waste hours of their time.

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