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Minimum and Maximum "Real World" size for Cogo Points

Minimum and Maximum "Real World" size for Cogo Points

Automatic Annotative scaling of Cogo Points is great for making the block look the same on multiple sheets at different scales.  I have found that it creates a limitation at very small scales, such as on sidewalk ramp details done at 1" = 5' scale.  Using our manhole block as an example, the symbol displays much smaller than the actual real world size of the manhole itself.  This could also work in the opposite direction where a block shows up too big in a large scale viewport.  I would like to see something built into the point style that allows a "real world" minimum or maximum size that the block will scale to, no matter what the viewport scale.  With annotative blocks this can be accomplished by limiting the assigned scales to the block.





Reference this forum post:

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Great Idea. Good for road furniture as well.. Potentially you should even be able to define scale dependant ranges. i.e


1:100 - 1:500 = 1.5

1:500 - 1:1000 = 2 etc...

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