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Merge two surface with conditions

Merge two surface with conditions

Hello everyone,


I have natural/ existing terrain model in Civil3d. I have center line on which I have plotted proposed profile and existing profile.  I am attaching sample images for Cut fill plan and some cross sections.


In image CS1 fill area shown with green color hatch. there are flat proposed profile(red color) running across transverse direction along the center line. existing profile is also there (Dark gray color).

I wants to generate new surface with

condition (1) - proposed surface levels maintained as per proposed profile for cut area ; shown in attached plan1 (Cut area shown as light red color and fill area shown as light green color).

condition (2) - existing surface levels should be maintained as per existing surface where fill area (green color hatch) is there in plan.


In Plan3 etc. Red line is center line, Light red color hatch is cut area, light green color hatch is fill area, 


In CS1, CS2 etc .. vertical line shown is center line, Light red color hatch is cut area, light green color hatch is fill area & yellow color hatch is natural earth beneath all profiles.


In cross sections there may be multiple conditions like possibilities of fill area may be far away from center line, then cut area and then again fill area in cross section. (can be seen in PLAN3 Image).


All cross sections are at different locations which is perpendicular to the center line.


New surface model should have levels of proposed surface  where light red is there in PLAN3 image and existing surface where light green is shown in PLAN3. My cross sections is not limiting only as shown in CS1 width; there are multiple slope and other assembly conditions.


I have tried to create new surface then pasted existing and proposed surface with data operation priorates of two surfaces but not getting desired result.


If any solution other than pasting surfaces to the new one then let me know.


In general if would be very much helpful if by any method

we can get the auto generated cut-fill boundaries which dynamically updates when any change in proposed profile (then change in proposed surface) would occurs (minimumdistancebetweensurfaces can be useful and it generates the boundaries but it is manual method and needs lots of working steps when there are multiple patches of cut-fill areas).


by any method the described surface generation would possible. 


Thank you.


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Thank you for posting. This would be better suited as a post to the general Civil 3D forum, where other users could provide answers based on how they have solves similar problems.


@aniket.bhola go and vote for this idea. I think it is the same as you are mentioning and I totally agree that a selective pasting of surfaces would be a great idea. Possible to achieve this but a lot of manual work an not dynamic.

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